Top 8 Major Mistakes Of Bodybuilding Training

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2Mistake 2: Going To The Fitness Center Without A Brief- Or Long-Term Strategy

If you don’t determine a long-term goal or a mid-term goal for your workout program, you will never progress. Because when you work out just to lift weights or have fun working on machines or you show up one day and you skip another, you are not working out properly and your body will not grow stronger.



The best way to figure this out is to fix a clear purpose and commit yourself to it. Whether it’s one month program or one year or 8 weeks, you have to stick to it no matter what happens. Even when in case you get sick for one day or two days, don’t lose hope and be always optimistic ! Once you recover, you get back to work ! You can write down all your exercises on a paper or write it on your notepad to encourage yourself and be always ready to start again and complete your exercises perfectly!



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