Sports that burn more calories than weightlifting

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1Sports that burn more calories than weightlifting

Counting on bodybuilding as the only way to burn calories is just a myth. You have many other ways to do it despite the great benefits of weightlifting. But it’s not enough even though it can bring you huge muscles and a sexy rock body. You may even earn money through it and get the opportunity to be a huge muscles entertainer to attract more.

With that said, weightlifting for people who want to burn more calories may not be the best option for them, even though it can help you to burn more than 600 calories. But let’s not hide the fact that there are many alternatives that can help you a lot to burn more energy per day. These are the other massively crazy burning-calories that you’re going to read below.  Please enjoy it !

1-Water Polo:

Water polo is a classic Olympic sport, where the player is always in movement, swimming, fighting and trying not to drown in front of other players who are doing their best to make him lose.

As it is a water sport you have to move all the time to keep your life to avoid drowning. How many calories does it burn?

Well, just to give you an idea, 180-pound person burns up to 817 calories an hour doing water polo.

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